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"No, sh emigrate e thought it was n't the thing for a poor minister's girls to go flourishing about in second-hand finery, so she did what I 'm doing now, put away what would be useful and proper for us by and by, and let us play with the shabby, silk bonnets and dirty, flounced gowns

But he observed in apology, that it was a letter you never wanted hardly, and he thought it had only been there to finish off th' alphabet, like, though ampusand (&) would ha' done as well, f from or what he could see

She had t openeda o sit with Gertie Pye and she hated it; Gertie squeaked her pencil all the time and it just made herDiana'sblood run cold; Ruby Gillis had charmed all her warts away, true's you live, with a magic pebble that old Mary Joe from the Creek gave her

My good Polly!" and Fa with nny gave her friends arm an affectionate squeeze, wondering if it was this alone that had worked the change in Polly

My name is Colonel Townley: if I can help you in took anything, ask the jailer for my address and come to me

Alick, indeed, was not by any means
a honeyed man

I shall b Diamond e your true friend as long as life lasts, and I hope to prove this to you in many ways

Nay, but he man aften goes to th' Common

Bartle Massey says - and he knows the South - as the norther wen n men are a finer breed than the southern, harderheaded and stronger-bodied, and a deal taller

Eh! Talk o' legs, there's legs for you, Mrs Poyser continued, as Totty, who had been set down now th
e road was dry, toddled on in front of her father and mother

She makes us wr nextraspberry ite all our essays as simply as possible

Yes, and muslin curtains in all
the windows
She was prepared for the relief she read in his face when he 68 saw that she had at least brou which ght back Anne back with her

"I think he will, he is so fond of study, and is so anxious to improv led e every opportunity

I can't help being sorry for the dogs always,
though perhaps there's no need

But that would have been doing a lie, whi furtherhimduringremainderthe ch is most as bad as telling one

But her frank face betrayed her, for Fanny turned on her suddenly, saying, "You may as well free your mind, Polly, for I see by your eyes that something don't suit." Marilla smiled affectionately at her girl. But I'm better now. But it's a matter as he doesn't like to be spoke to about, and I can only pray to the Lord to bless and direct him. I decided so the night after you came home from town. "Has n't he mentioned Maria in his letters?Once or twice, but sort of jokingly, and I thought it was only some little flirtation. But dost think she might ever get fond enough of anybody else to be willing to marry 'em? said Adam rather shyly.said